LTC & Basic Pistol Training

Length of Class:

10-12 Hours


$145. Includes a free lunch. Sale $105


For new shooters! This course includes License to Carry (LTC, formerly CHL) Training, gun safety, how to choose, load, unload, make safe, store your gun; as well as hands-on basic marksmanship, concealment training, gun cleaning and handling.

We have combined our Basic Pistol Training class and the Texas License to Carry (LTC) class. Expert gun training and range coaching plus LTC training class, range qualification and written test for your Texas License to Carry all in one day. By combining these two classes, you save $105 with our sale price!; Plus you save 5 to 6 hours by taking this combined class!!!

If you are a new shooter or haven’t had much practice in a while, this is the class for you. We’ll teach you to shoot straight and be safe with the handgun. Rental guns and ammo available. You get complete safe gun training, one on one marksmanship coaching, and then shoot your qualification round. Up to 3 chances to qualify after instruction!

Bring your own gun or use our rental pistols. Ammunition available at competitive prices.


  • Students must be able to legally own a pistol.
  • You will need: Your handgun (unloaded) or use ours ($15 plus ammo), one magazine (also unloaded) and 100 rounds of ammunition (No Reloads!),
  • Long pants or jeans,
  • Shoes that cover the entire foot,
  • Shirt with a collar (buttoned up to prevent hot empty casings from going down your shirt during the shooting proficiency test),
  • Safety (wrap around) shooting glasses,
  • Ball cap that covers top of head,
  • Electronic Muff type hearing protection, electronic earmuffs are now rented at $5 per pair in shooting classes. they are still for sale at $28 per pair,
  • We shoot rain or shine so, if bad weather threatens, bring a rain jacket.