Disaster Survival Preparedness Training

Length of Class:

2 Days


$400, Includes Books


Our class is not about being dropped into the wilderness with a flint, a tomahawk and bowie knife and living off the land in a hollow log, dressed in buckskin you chewed yourself, while eating bugs off a banana leaf.

This class is to teach you how to be prepared and what to do when a natural or man made disaster falls on you. You don’t have to be helpless without your microwave and smart phone. We prepare you for the worst case scenario and by so doing you will automatically be prepared for lesser, short term calamities.

This class will teach you how to keep your family safe and survive in place without services such as water, electricity, internet, phone, gas, garbage pickup, stores, gasoline stations, cars, tv, police, firefighters, and most all things we take for granted today. In short, learn to live like your grandparents or great grandparents lived.

Learn how to dehydrate and can food, how to store it for future use, how to preserve with brine, pickle, ferment and all the old but safe methods of preserving food for the future. Learn trapping, hunting, butchering, and even tanning. Learn to heat and cool without electricity. Build a solar dehydrator, solar oven, solar still, solar fridge. Learn how to make contaminated water safe. How to collect and store water. Grow your own food. Learn the art of barter, security, how to entertain yourselves and your children without electricity.

Learn to avoid the mistakes made in Katrina and Sandy.

Learn what and how to store foodstuffs, how to cook on open fire, cook without fire, how to make fire safely. What tools you need. How to use them. Learn how to prepare for emergency evacuation. How to survive away from home for 72 hours, what to do in a shelter. Learn hot to make your bugout bags; what clothes, food, tools, and medicines to take with you.

This class is 2 days long, and a lot of fun, but deadly earnest in its teaching. It will make the difference between being helpless and totally at the mercy of looters or the government, and being self sufficient and comfortable at home in a major disaster. It includes a lot of printed material for future reference and many, many hands on exercises and demonstrations in low tech living.

We firmly believe that presentation without demonstration and participation is only conversation. So come prepared to get your hands dirty. You’ll make a fire with one match without chemicals or artificial fire starters, start a wet wood fire, cook on an open fire, use a dutch oven, make cowboy campfire bread, campfire coffee, use a dehydrator, learn to purify water, identify edible and medicinal plants, learn emergency medical procedures, gather and cut firewood, and lots more hands on activities.

We teach Disaster Survival on the third weekend of each month. Classes fill up fast. Make reservations early and dress to play when you come. Casual work clothes including long trousers, long sleeves, jacket, hat, gloves, and sturdy walking shoes are a must. You will be outside quite a bit.


  • A willingness to learn and get dirty,
  • A knife,
  • Roll of plastic wrap,
  • Roll of duct tape,
  • 2 medium size cardboard boxes,
  • Something to take notes with.