Below is some of the wonderful things our amazing clients are saying about us. Take a look, and we would appreciate if you left your feedback in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

Both instructors were good, patient and helped ensure you were prepped to pass both the written and field tests. The classroom is located on their personal property but the setting was conducive for the training and you can purchase limited guns, ammo and accessories onsite. Overall good experience. Russel – 2/2/2019

Feel Safe Gun Training Instructors Sherry & Travis are AWESOME, Top Notch, very professional and thorough!!! All the reviews I read were very positive and my experience was no different yesterday (12/15/18). I will definitely go back for my gun shooting and related needs in the future! Highly recommend this establishment and the instructors. Thank you Sherry & Travis and Merry Christmas😊🎄🤠🎁👍👍  Lea – 12/16/2018

Great people. I have used guns in the past but my wife had not. We took the class together I saw how much time they took to make my wife feel safe handling the gun. We both passed 1st time through. Rodney B. – 10/21/2018

Thanks again for your evaluation, it’s been very helpful. I know mom was very excited to find a gun she could handle. Feel Safe is exactly what we were looking for. Ya’ll are 5 stars in my book. It was nice to meet both of you. – 2/23/2016

This was a FABULOUS weekend – – I have had a CHL since I was 18 (all of my children are Older than that now!) But had never taken a defensive handgun course before. Ohhh – – I could punch holes in targets at 7 yards all day long – – But after this weekend – was confident that I could now draw from concealment, aim, fire, and put 2 rounds on target in 2 seconds. The course starts with some basics – needed for some of the larger classes where students may not be as familiar with firearms as those who have been carrying for a while – – but things quickly get more interesting. The class I was in was fairly small – they like to have 6 students – we had fewer than that – but as both of us were somewhat experienced – got to do a few more things – such as tactical and emergency reloading drills, shooting from a downed position, and a 45-round IPSC equivalent shoot. The course runs 8 to 5 Sat and Sun – and you watch training videos while eating lunch. They provided pulled pork sandwiches on Sat, mesquite grilled grass fed burgers on Sunday (your menu may vary), and you DO train rain or shine – but if it does rain – most of the practice can be accomplished under cover. I am now in the process of building a target stand – like the one Travis has made – and will be able to practice in my back yard !! You will understand how that works after the course ! There is a reason they use the equipment you will train with for shooting – – and after the course I totally agree with it. A couple of 2″x4″x6’s and a couple of 1″x2″x8′, 12 screws, drill etc, an hours fussing about – and you’re done !! You wanna UP your game ?? Spend a weekend with Travis and Sherry You will be glad you did. – PS – – I am totally unrelated, nor have I been connected with these fine folk, before taking their class. I am a 26-year retired military vet, currently working in a professional position in the local area. – 4/15/2015

Great Company! – 4/2/2015

A bit hard to locate, but well worth the drive! Great people and equipment! Very friendly and accommodating! – 2/11/2015

Sherry and Travis are organized, timely and extremely well versed in guns and defense. We enjoyed our time with them and feel prepared to carry a hand gun. – 1/13/2015

Sherry and Travis are great instructors and really made this class enjoyable. I highly recommend Feel Safe! – 12/16/2014

Very friendly people they teach you everything from how to handle a gun to all the information for chl. – 11/19/2014

Had a good time and Good food. – 11/18/2015

It was a great experience. Travis and Sherry are very knowledgeable leaders who have the skill and patience to teach the class very well! I enjoyed it and learned a lot. I will take other classes there! Highly recommend! – 11/14/2014

Very small groups which really gives the instructor time to personalize the course. Enjoyed very much. – 10/10/2014

Absolutely fantastic course! Great teachers! Very informative! Even learned a few things about myself! – 9/28/2014

Knowledgeable and personable instructors kept the course on task while making it enjoyable at the same time. – 9/28/2014

I learned so much about a weapon I have been scared to death of all my life. I would be able to handle it with care now, and defend myself if I ever had to. – 9/13/2014

Trainers are super friendly, knowledgeable and accomadating! Thank you for an awesome experience! – 9/3/2014

This is an amazing deal! Sherry and Travis are excellent instructors, operate a very safe range, and teach you everything you need to know to get you on your way to your CHL. If you’re new to shooting your firearm, play it safe and let them help you take the worry out of your shooting qualifying – Travis is a great instructor. I certainly will recommend this course to my friends seeking a CHL.

Instructors are very patient and care about you learning properly. Now I’m saving up for their defensive course!!! – 8/9/2014

I have been knowledgeable for many years on the maintenance, operation, and safety of firearms but my girlfriend was not. To be specific, she had never fired any type of firearm. I thought about teaching her myself and thing I could do it pretty well if I had but then I thought about it… Lecturing your significant other, whether it be nagging or educational teaching, never goes very well! Plus God forbid if anything were to mistakenly happen, I would always wonder if I could have prevented that when teaching. I am glad I found Feel Safe Gun Training. Their beginner program was perfect for my girlfriend and I was also educated on all the new and changed laws concerning CHL. A+++ – 8/3/2014

Great instructor, awesome experience! – 8/2/2014

Great place! Super friendly people and very patient and respectful. Totally recommended! – 7/27/2014

Great class and friendly helpful instructors. Small class sizes and a private range to qualify at made it very enjoyable. Instructors are knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the course material – 7/13/2014

Travis and Sherry do an excellent job in teaching! They are very methodical while still making it fun and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend them for this training – 7/6/2014

Feel Safe was very throrough and professional, not “fly by night.” Both my wife and I completed the training together and were most impressed. I highly recommend them. – 7/2/2014

Thank you, Sherry and Travis, for the great experience in your Concealed Handgun License class last weekend. Looking forward to the Defensive Handgun class in May! – Bev, 4/25/2014

Just want to thank Sherry and Travis for pulling off the impossible yesterday. I walked into your beginner CHL class yesterday not knowing how to hold, load, or shoot a handgun. I walked out amazed at what I learned from you two in one day. I never thought I would pass any of the tests, but because of your patience and understanding, I achieved a goal I never thought I could. For anyone reading this I passed and am walking on cloud nine today. – Dorothy, 3/23/2014

I had a great time in your class….I only live about 7 miles from you…I will be back someday…….God Bless you all….Rick – Richard, 3/17/2014

Recently, I attended the Beginners Concealed Handgun License and Basic Pistol Training Class under the direction of Travis and Sherry! They are a wonderful couple and very knowledgeable! I left feeling more confident, educated, and much better acquainted with understanding the responsibilities of having a CHL. They showed us how to properly care for and clean the gun, how to safely store the gun away from unauthorized persons, as well as, the laws on concealing. We were taught how to properly hold, aim and discharge the weapon. They started us off from scratch and took us through a very thorough and informative course of safe-handling, gun training, the safety rules of the firing range, all the way through to understanding the laws and where we are allowed to open-carry. I feel much more confident now understanding my roles and responsibilities of owning a gun, protecting my family and exercising my constitutional rights! Thank you both for your commitment! I am very excited and cannot wait to take the next class with my family! – Jennifer, 3/16/2014

Travis/Sherry, Thank you very much for your hospitality and training. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks, again and I will be glad to recommend you to friends. – Mark, 3/9/2014

I just completed Defensive Handgun training and I couldn’t be more pleased. My knowledge and confidence level has increased ten fold. Now I am comfortable handling my handgun and will consider carrying on a regular basis after having my CHL for two years. It was great training. – Mark Snider, 2/20/2014

Enroll in the two day defensive handgun class and you will receive the no-nonsense Basics to become a better shooter. I came away with simple techniques that greatly improved my ability to shoot a handgun. Travis also sets the foundation for your own personal home training for the future. It was a very enjoyable two day experience. – Ron Hickman, 2/20/2014

Took the chl class, very informative, well done. The Humphrey’s are a very nice couple who could have not been more friendly or knowledgeable. Will recommend to anybody I know who asks. Will take more classes. Highly recommend them. – Charles from absoluteaccuracyarms, 1/12/2014

I just completed the renewal of my CHL at Feel Safe Gun Training. Travis and Sherry at Feel Safe Gun Training are meticulous instructors holding safety above all else with a knowledge base second to none. They came highly recommended by friends and are very well deserving of those recommendations. A well rounded program with many classes and levels of instructions from novice to expert and future plans of a gun club with FFL support and shooting range to support the needs and interest of all shooters. Many Thanks Travis and Sherry! – Roger Erwin, 8/29/2013

Enjoyed the class greatly , would recommend to anyone . Travis and Sherry are a great couple . Class was very Organized ,educational and fun , all at the same time. – Patrick Goff, 7/12/2013

Just completed the defensive handgun training class (today!). Being retired military, I’ve had many small arms courses. This was excellent, and I must admit I learned many tips & techniques I’ve never been taught. Can’t wait to take their CHL class this coming weekend. Thank you Travis & Sherry – I’m so glad I discovered you! – Ron M., 6/20/2013

I was referred to Feel Safe Gun Training by a friend of mine that had recently completed the full Concealed Handgun License class. I wanted to get a jump ahead of my renewal so I signed up for the 4 hour + range time renewal class. I found the class to be straight forward, educational and informative. Travis and Sherry apparently are NRA approved handgun trainers which just adds to their credentials. Although rules for everyone’s safety are strictly enforced, the class is fun and Travis is quite entertaining. I would highly recommend this class to my friends and family and will be taking the Defensive Handgun Training and Survival Courses offered as well. – Austin j. Richards, 5/20/2013

I took the class last weekend 4/13/2013 in order to transfer my Tennessee License to Texas. The class was informative, and to the point. Sherry and Travis know their stuff and the burgers were excellent. Thank You – Lee McClure, 4/15/2013

I highly recommend the CHL class. I got so much out of it, especially regarding what I need to know regarding concealed carry. I’m already signed up for the Defensive Handgun Training class. Thank you Travis & Sherry – Angelo, 4/14/2013

We both thoroughly loved the class. Excellent! We will recommend to our friends who are interested and Steve is already paid for 2 other classes. – Steve & Donna, 3/30/2013

I strongly recommend this facility to train. It is one of The most professional training facilities I have attended. I was impressed with the method of traing and the safety aspect on the range. I would recommend Feel Safe Gun training to anyone looking to go foreward with CHL or renewal. Oh, be sure to bring some anti fog spray for your rap around eye ware. – Ken McCall, 3/2/2013

I recently took the two day survival course. I loved it! Travis is the best instructor, as always. The things I learned in the class will help me for the rest of my life, not just in a crisis, but for many other things, such as camping. Travis mixes it with many, many hands on activities and follows up with amazing materials for more in depth reading and referral. We made the best jerky and stew. We learned starting a fire with a single match, how to use the sun to heat food, how to identify edible plants and too many more things to list. I recommend this class for every person in your family! Thank you Travis, again, for a wonderful experience! – Jimmy, 2/26/2013

Great class. They make it easy to qualify and they also make sure you know and understand the laws. If you carry, you had beter know them and they go the extra step to make that happen. I highly recommend them. – Stan, 2/24/2013

I just finished the two day Defensive Handgun Training class. I had NEVER handled a gun before and can honestly say this was a wonderful and fun experience. I have so much confidence and knowledge now. It’s amazing what two days of “great” and patient training can do!!! Thank you so much for all the tips and information Travis and Sherry!!! I am excited to get my CHL next week with y’all. I am ready thanks to you. Looking forward to taking many more classes with you in the future and telling everyone that has the desire to learn more about how to protect themselves and their family about your classes. Thanks again!!! – Kathy Brandner, 1/7/2013

THANK YOU!!!!! – Jan, 12/30/2012

Had a great time. I will be recommending you guys to my friends!! – John, 12/30/2012

Hi Sherry and Travis. I just wanted to thank you for the class. I really did enjoy the class. You guys are great and I really like the smaller classroom. I would like to take the Defensive Handgun class. Please do keep me informed. I will let others know about the class and hopefully send you some customers. I will try to send my wife to the Safe Gun Handling & Fundamentals of Marksmanship Class in the near future. Hope you to see you guys in the near future. I did tell Tim they needed to go. SOON! – Jack, 10/1/2012

I would highly recommend classes at Feel Safe. Sherry and Travis are very thorough and patient teachers. I have taken the fire arm safety course, self-defense handgun class, and today qualified for my Texas CHL. I am not a firearms enthusiast. I feel the same about guns as I do about cars. I don’t especially enjoy driving, but it’s useful to know how to operate one safely if you need to. I was extremely nervous taking these classes, despite prior firearms experience. Travis and Sherry were very patient and helped me become comfortable before qualifying. They truly believe in what they are teaching, and want to help as many people as possible become able to safely defend themselves and their families. I have also attended a firearm safety course with my 10 and 12 year old daughters, and I would recommend anyone who has children and firearms in the home do the same. Thank you so much, Sherry and Travis!!! – Kelly, 8/26/2012

I just took their defensive handgun training class, and all I can say is “AWESOME”! I’m not new to guns, but Travis and Sherry helped me choose a pistol that I felt comfortable using, one that fit my hand, and how to use it to defend myself. The class was very professional, but relaxed, such that I didn’t feed intimidated. I learned what to do in various home-invasion situations, how to strategically use a flashlight in a dark room, what to do when my pistol jams or misfires, and the mindset needed to protect myself and my family at all costs. We discussed laws and consequences of using a gun for self-defense. We did lots of target shooting, that put me in simulated real-life situations (including my daughter being held as a hostage), and I learned how to lethally take out the gunman without harming my daughter. This was a very interesting class that I would recommend to EVERYONE, but especially to women, because Travis and Sherry’s patience and encouragement kept me calm, while they ‘brought home’ the seriousness of my need to be able to defend myself, my family and my property. And in 2 days, my shooting capabilities went from ‘I can usually hit the target’ to ‘under any circumstances, I can put it in the kill zone’. These people are the BEST, and I’ll be qualifying for my CHL with them later this week! P.S. My husband, who is a seasoned handgun shooter, took the class with me, and felt it had very good value for him as well, and he was not bored during any part of the class. THANK YOU TRAVIS AND SHERRY! – Polly, 8/7/2012

I just finished the 2 day Defensive Handgun Class and am amazed at the training I received !! I had taken a CHL class elsewhere and left there with less confidence than when I arrived. Travis and Sherry are skilled at accessing individual strengths and weaknesses, building on and/or correcting previously acquired techniques, encouraging the unsure and instilling confidence where there was once timidity. I can honestly say that this class has made all the difference for me. I am now a confident, skilled gun owner. Thanks Travis and Sherry!!! – Janet Moore, 7/13/2012

Great class for beginner as well as experienced hand gun user. Class prepared me for CHL training in just 2 days. I highly recommend this class. – Carol, 7/2/2012

CHL Training. Will take more classes. top marks. – Doug, 6/25/2012

took Concealed Handgun Class. Excellent. Great sequencing! – Frank, 6/25/2012

Took CHL. A+ grade. Will be taking more classes. – Guy, 6/25/2012

Great! top marks for professionalism. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I will be taking the defensive handgun class too! – Andria, 6/25/2012

I took the CHL class to get my license to carry. The class was more than informative, and supplied me with the knowledge, and skills necessary to confidently carry a firearm concealed. Travis and Sherry are very patient, and will make sure you understand why handling a firearm for protection is not a basic instinct. It takes practice, just like everything else. – Tommy, 6/22/2012

I took the concealed handgun license course with Sherry and Travis and received private instruction. I learned a lot. Sherry and Travis are very patient and knowledgeable. I previously only shot a handgun one time. I did qualify with my shooting but was all over the target. With only minutes of instruction from Travis I was shooting much better and feel more confident handling a handgun. I am looking forward to taking their Defensive Handgun class. They will help you to feel safe. – Elise, 5/21/2012

I took the Concealed Handgun License Course and I thought I got a lot of information. I just finished the Defensive Handgun Course today and I am so much more confident in myself. I shoot so much better! I know so much more! Thank you Travis and Sherry! Ya’ll know how to teach (even me)! – Gini, 5/15/2012

I have a great time today with Travis and Sherry. Qualified for my Concealed handgun license and am going next weekend for the Defensive handgun class. I can’t wait. Their patience with me helped calm my nerves! You are both the best!!! – Cheryl, 8/13/2011

This was the best experience I have had in a long time. I qualified for my Concealed Handgun license. Shelly and Travis are the best. Travis knew just how to calm my nerves for accurate shooting. His tips were wonderful. I am looking forward to my 2 day class next weekend for the Defensive handgun course! – Cheryl, 8/13/2011

I learned way more than I expected to. That Defensive Handgun Course is HARD but it is really good and worth the money. Wanna learn to really shoot? Take the class. – Jim, 7/28/2011