When’s the next class? See the Calendar Page.

  1. Are there any classroom rules we need to know about? Yes, please visit and review the Classroom Rules page before registering for a course.
  2. What types of payment do you accept? We accept debit/credit cards online and also Credit/Debit Cards, cash, or checks in classroom. Please navigate to the page for the course you would like to attend; then click the “Register Now” button to enroll.
  3. Do I need to own or bring a pistol to the course? If you would like, however we also rent guns if needed. If you don’t own a gun, wait until after you take the class to buy. The class teaches how to choose the right gun for you.
  4. Do you sell guns and other accessories? We have the following available in the classroom: (Product, stock, and options may change, please contact us for more information on availability.)
  • New and Used Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns
  • Speed Loaders
  • Ammunition
  • Concealed Handgun Purses
  •  Holsters
  • Mag Pouches
  • Electronic Hearing Protection
  • Over the Lens and Regular Safety Glasses
  • Air Pistols
  • C02 cartridges
  • BBs and Pellets
  • Handgun Rental – We fit the gun to your hand. Semi – autos in .22, .380, and 9mm in compact, midsize and full size to choose from. This allows you to choose guns that are accurate, comfortable to handle, have comfortable recoil, and are easy to qualify with.
    1. Some of these courses are pretty long, do you have snacks and drinks available? The classrooms have free coffee, decaf, tea, hot chocolate, bottled water, and snacks. Feel Safe Gun Training also provides free lunch for our students in full day classes! Pulled Pork BBQ, Smoked Brisket, or mesquite grilled burgers (cook’s choice) are prepared for the classes each day… Including all the fixins, chips, and tea!

6. When Constitutional Carry passes, why take a class? Lots of reasons for that.

1. The new law didn’t teach you to be safe with a gun, teach you to be a good shot, teach you how to use a gun or how to safely enjoy a gun range, how to choose a firearm that fits you, or explain what the law now says about where you can and cannot carry or proper gun storage. You still need a professional gun training class to be proficient with your firearm. Besides, The BBQ Lunch is GREAT!

7. Why should I still get a License To Carry? There will continue to be many advantages to having a License to Carry.

When the new law takes effect businesses and other public places will still have the option of allowing or denying you entry if you are carrying a firearm. Many will do just that and only allow people to carry guns in their establishment who they feel are properly trained. Many will probably deny entry if you don’t have an LTC. This was seen when open carry passed. Many businesses just denied entry to those carrying openly. Without a license, you may be turned away by your favorite stores, restaurants, malls, and other public places. Also, if you want to take your pistol out of state you will need your LTC to comply with other state’s gun laws.

Plus, if you have an LTC, you no longer have to go through the hassle and often times long delays for background checks when you purchase a new firearm. You just fill out a quick form, show your LTC, and take your firearm away the same day with no background check needed.