Defensive Handgun Training

Length of Class:

2 Days




Defensive Handgun TrainingThis is a handgun self-defense class. This expert course in defensive handgun training will take you from Don Knotts to Dirty Harry in two days!

Don’t be fooled by the idea that you will rise to the occasion in an emergency. It don’t happen! You will always sink to your level of training! Guns are just tools. You are the weapon. Gun training is essential and ongoing to make you a winner. Guns and a License to Carry (LTC) alone won’t save you. You must also have defensive handgun training.

In an emergency there is an enormous adrenaline dump in your system and you’ll find it difficult to think; you will also lose your fine motor skills. If you haven’t trained you will be helpless. With training, muscle memory takes over just like with a Karate Master. Even with proper defensive handgun training, you will only be half as good with your guns as you were on the range, so train to be very good.


  • No Previous Experience Required
  • Students must be able to legally own a pistol.
  • You will need: Your handgun (unloaded) or use ours ($25 total for 2 days for 9mm semi-auto and mags, including holster and mag pouches ), 2 or 3 magazines (also unloaded) and strong side on the waist band holster and on the waist band magazine pouch (or use ours),
  • Long pants or jeans,
  • Shoes that cover the entire foot,
  • Shirt with a collar (buttoned up to prevent hot empty casings from going down your shirt during the shooting proficiency test),
  • Safety (wrap around) shooting glasses,
  • Ball cap that covers top of head,
  • Jacket, or vest, or long tailed open front shirt or similar garment for concealment drills,
  • We shoot rain or shine so, if bad weather threatens, bring a rain jacket.