Liscense to Carry (LTC) Renewal Refresher

Length of Class:

4 Hours




Refresher class covers old and new Laws, Peaceful Dispute Resolution, Gun Safety, Safe Gun Storage, Marksmanship, Range Tuneup


  • Must have current Texas LTC or CHL.
  • Students must be able to legally own a pistol.
  • You will need: Your handgun (unloaded) or use ours ($15 plus ammo), one magazine (also unloaded) and 100 rounds of ammunition (NO RELOADS),
  • Long pants or jeans,
  • Shoes that cover the entire foot,
  • Shirt with a collar (buttoned up to prevent hot empty casings from going down your shirt during the shooting proficiency test),
  • Safety (wrap around) shooting glasses,
  • Ball cap that covers top of head,
  • Muff type hearing protection, electronic earmuffs are now loaned at no extra charge in shooting classes. they are still for sale at $28 per pair,
  • We shoot rain or shine so, if bad weather threatens, bring a rain jacket.